The Long History of Fellowship in Brockton

My name is Trisha Godio and I am proud to be a part of the long history of Fellows who have served at the Mayor’s Office in Downtown Brockton.  This is my second year of service as a Massachusetts Promise Fellow serving in this City.

During my first year in the Fellowship, I developed a strong connection with the people working long, hard hours to ensure that the city is safe and resourceful for their young people.  They hide behind the dozens of programs that push youth to engage in positive behaviors, ensure that they have a clear path to their education, and that they have just as much access to a successful future and life.  The mission of my role and the people in the community that I work with are to offer these fabulous young people opportunities that they need to succeed in education, healthy decision-making and dedicating their time to serve the people of their community and beyond.

I have the especially important role in developing a specific group of young people.  They are members of the Brockton Youth Council and can be found in our middle and high schools, leading their peers in positive change.  We meet weekly to discuss the issues of the city and the concerns of their peers.  We aid community groups in running successful programs that reach the most amount of people.  We create our own strategic initiatives to combat violence within the City by changing the standards of what we consider “normal” and “tolerable.”

Two years is a short amount of time in consideration of many things; however, two years is enough time to watch a young person grow from a curious individual looking to get involved and stay off the streets, to a dedicated activist involved in decision-making and planning that gets their peers off the streets and making positive decisions.  Their curiosity has expanded to action through knowledge.  The more they learn about the issues, the more they are motivated to make the necessary changes in the city and beyond.  Knowledge is an amazing resource because when it comes into the hands of the right individuals; young, talented and with a strong vision for their futures, it can make a city, state, and world of difference.  I am lucky to work with such fascinating young adults.

Trisha Godio and members of the Brockton Youth Council!

Keep coming back to read up on more of what we do and the initiatives that we are behind.  Keep up the good work, Brockton!


About Brockton's Promise

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it takes a City of Champions. Brockton's Promise aims to provide all youth and families in Brockton with five basic resources, which we call Promises: Caring Adults, Safe Places, Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others.
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