We Promise!

Corey Dolgon & Edward Jacoubs, Brockton’s Promise co-chairs

A promise is only as good as the trust that exists between those making a promise and those we want to convince that we will carry out the substance of the promise. A change in behavior, a desired good or service, a strategic plan or mission, a sacred responsibility or simply a favor: all are things we “Promise” to do because we haven’t done them yet. In many ways, however, Brockton’s Promise is different: we have already accomplished much.

Over the past 10 years since our inception:

  • Brockton’s Promise (BP) has worked with federal, state and local authorities to advocate for additional resources into our community.
  • BP assisted in multitudes of local non-profits in grant preparation, grant writing and grant oversight.
  • Helped in the building and development of 48 community raised beds, as well as the promotion of fresh and healthy foods served in our schools and afterschool programs as part of a Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health “Mass in Motion” initiative
  • Worked with Brockton Public school officials to develop and promote a Multiple Education Pathways for all students with a focus on immigrant populations
  • Created and works to promote Brockton After Dark
  • And this year will be the 6th year that BP has sponsored a youth mentor rally to celebrate mentorship in Brockton.

BP has provided some useful opportunities to make sure that Brockton youth get the education, mentorship, and resources they need to develop into healthy and thriving adults. Brockton’s Promise is not a service provider. Rather each one of the Promises has a voluntary team of residents working to strengthen the delivery of each promise by enhancing already existing community resources.

In many ways, however, much still needs to be done. Dropout rates are still too high. Too many local youth are victims of crime or the trauma of witnessing or being related to the victims of crime. Too many young people live in poverty and don’t receive adequate food, shelter or health care. More importantly the city’s institutions and structures often struggle to create the opportunities or adequate systems for low-income parents to sufficiently meet the 21st century needs of their children. We know that raising children takes a village, but Brockton is a very large village. The city’s challenges are great-but we believe our people’s hearts and hands are even greater.

This issue of the BP newsletter marks a recommitment on behalf of the BP leadership team as we reconfigure ourselves and our Promise Teams. Inside this issue you will see announcements for events, especially the upcoming Mentorship Rally. Please join us in planning for this event. You will also see information about joining all of the BP teams and we hope that you contact us about getting involved. The more we meet and talk, the more we plan and do, the more we reflect and recommit, the more we build the bonds of trust-especially with our youth.

We can and must do better. We will do better. We Promise!

To get involved or to learn more, contact us:






About Brockton's Promise

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it takes a City of Champions. Brockton's Promise aims to provide all youth and families in Brockton with five basic resources, which we call Promises: Caring Adults, Safe Places, Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others.
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